A program used to make Lego Mosaics. You choose the image, the stud width and the type of bricks to use and you instantly have an LDraw file to make the mosaic from.

I may or may not continue working on this program. It just depends on if someone finds a use for it and bugs me about finishing it.

Very big images(stud width) make huge LDraw files. Try using smaller images first. Or chopping a large image into smaller parts with a graphics program.


   - Choose the image
   - Choose the stud width of the mosaic
   - Choose from 7 different Dithering routines
   - Use up to 41 colors in the color palette
   - Makes an LDraw file
   - Prints a color map
   - Loads and Ldraw file made with Bricksaic
   - Choose to use plates or bricks and studs up or studs out from these selections:
     1x Plates - studs up
     2x Plates - studs up (2 studs thick)
     1x Bricks - studs up
     2x Bricks - studs up (2 studs thick)
     1x Plates - studs out
     2x Plates - studs out
     1x Bricks - studs out
     2x Bricks - studs out

Main Screen

The following examples use 41 available LDraw colors as the dithering palette. The RGB values used are taken from the ldconfig.ldr which is distributed with LDraw.

Original image

Dithered with Floyd Steinberg

1x plates studs up 96 - studs wide x 216 plates high - LDraw file

1x bricks studs up - 96 studs wide x 72 bricks high - LDraw file

1x bricks studs out - 96 studs wide x 86 bricks high - LDraw file

2x bricks studs out - 96 studs wide x 43 bricks high - LDraw file